Patch V.3.80


Changes & Fixes:
– Moved Alexandra (Dungeon Time Attack for Skelos) down to the Volcanic Forge
– Renamed Kronyxium Core to Kronyxium
– Renamed Elarikan Core to Elarinite
– Renamed Eveiari Ore to Eveirium
– Renamed Xarium Metal Bar to Xarium
– Renamed Onyx Core to Onyxite
– Renamed Mysterious Fragment to Scourge Eye
– Kronyx can now be obtained as a byproduct of Onyx as well as dropped by Scourge Creatures
– Updated Kronxium recipe
– Updated (Prospect) Onyx to (Prospect) Onyx & Kronyx for Mining Profession
– Updated item descriptions with Tier labels
– Fixed various issues with icons
– Fixed an issue with harvesting certain resources using AoC tools
– Fixed an issue with Zevarus skin material

– Updated Kronyxium Icon
– Updated Kronyx Icon
– Updated Kronyxium Black Dye Icon
– Updated Elarianite Icon
– Updated Plague Crystal Icon
– Updated Eveirium Icon
– Updated Cobalt Icon
– Updated Xarium Icon
– Updated Onyx Icon
– Updated Onyxite Icon
– Updated Titanium Icon

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