Patch V.3.50

Changes & Fixes:
– Increased DMG for High Elder Blades
– Increased DMG for Malagan Pet
– Increased DMG for Ral’asha Pet
– Added custom Perks and Growth for AoC Faction Thralls
– Updated code for various Boss NPCs
– Updated Orb of Love
– Improved Elarikan Plague modification
– Fixed an issue with the Servant of Rayth pet
– Fixed an issue with Inverted Tiled Wedge Sloped Roof
– Fixed an issue where Keldora (Boss) used the same attacks as a pet
– Fixed an issue with the repair cost for Demonic Siphoning
– Fixed various bugs

– Added Demonic Horse Saddle

– Added Demonic Zephyras Horse
– Added custom Perks and Growth for Zephyras Mounts

– Added Gro’gon Scourge Skin
– Added Ashira Metamorphosis
– Added Malagan Metamorphosis
– Added Rotbranch Metamorphosis
– Added Drake Metamorphosis
– Added Corrupted Grunt Metamorphosis
– Added Arexous Metamorphosis
– Added Eldred Sutton Metamorphosis
– Added Neevyra Metamorphosis
– Added Gurashi Metamorphosis
– Added Keldora Metamorphosis
– Added Ral’asha Metamorphosis
– Added Frost Hound Metamorphosis
– Added Zevarus Metamorphosis
(Metamorphosis allows the pet to become immune towards various debuffs such as Bleed or Elarikan Plague. Faction Pets will not be Plague immune by default except for the Corrupted Grunt and Captain Eldred Sutton)
– Added custom Perks and Growth for all AoC Pets

– Added Champion of Felgarth
– Added Champion of the Covenant
– Added Champion of the Dominion
– Added Champion of Elvanor
– Added Champion of Stormhold
– Added Champion of the Sanguis Unit
– Added Champion of the Vanghoul Clans
(Champions are Admin spawned NPCs that can be used for arenas or custom dungeons)

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