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THE FUTURE OF THE MOD Greetings everyone! With the AoC mod being more than 5 years old already, we want to update the approach we’re taking with the mod. What does this mean exactly? Well, first and foremost we’re taking a…

AoC – Magic System Update (Patch 3.87)

MAGIC SYSTEM OVERHAUL: PART 1 Greetings everyone! As of the 14th of March, part 1 of the Magic System Overhaul for AoC went live. Due to having to meet deadlines and keep AoC up-to-date with the base game, we’ve had to…

The 6th Anniversary of the AoC Mod for Conan Exiles!

The 6th Anniversary of The Age of Calamitous Mod! Greetings everyone! Today, the 25th of February 2023, marks the 6-year anniversary of the AoC mod! It’s been 6 years since the mod was first released for Conan Exiles, only weeks after…

Recent Patch Information

Patch V.3.94

V.3.94 Changes & Fixes: – Fixed an issue with equipping staves leading to them being equipped on other players as well – Fixed various bugs   CONSIDER SUPPORTING US ON PATREON In order to offer our players/community the highest quality content…

Patch V.3.93

V.3.93 Changes & Fixes: – Adjusted Divine Magic corruption cleanse – Updated Temperature Bonuses for all AoC armors – Fixed an issue where the staff would sometimes stick to the hand – Fixed an issue where the damage for Servants of…

Patch V.3.92

V.3.92 Changes & Fixes: – Increased base HP for various AoC NPCs – Increased HP for Very Hard and Extreme NPC HP settings – Updated Scourge Ghost – Updated jump puzzle in the Spider Cave to fix an issue with the…


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