Important Update – AoC RP Addon & Patch 3.52

Development Update

Greetings everyone!

We have an important announcement to make regarding the RP-Addon for The Age of Calamitous mod for Conan Exiles.
As some of you’ve probably seen, we’ve included new Server Settings that can be adjusted through the AoC Admin Panel.
These settings will allow you to tweak the difficulty curve of the AoC content to your liking.
See below for more details.

RP-Addon Update

With the implementation of the new server settings, we’re moving towards removing the RP-Addon.
This Mod Addon has worked as a way to reduce the difficulty of the mod content.
With this new update, you should be able to tweak the settings to your liking instead of having to download another mod.
However, right now, only the difficulty parameters can be changed while the crafting changes cannot.
We are working on building a new feature for the Currency aspect of AoC, which should allow you to use the ‘Crafting Cost Multiplier’ setting.
This is a vanilla server setting that hasn’t been compatible with AoC due to conflicts with item conversion.
If we’re able to achieve this feature, the ‘Crafting Cost Multiplier’ setting can be used to lower the cost of AoC recipes.
Do note that the RP-Addon will not be removed until all features are set up correctly.
Once done, tailoring your AoC experience should be much easier and faster than having to rely on an extra mod.

New Server Settings

For the time being, you can find the new server settings in the AoC Admin Panel.
Here’s a quick rundown on how these work:

– Elarikan Plague Damage
This one allows you to customize the stack amount of the Elarikan Plague.
‘Very Easy’ is the equivalent of having this feature turned off.
‘Easy’ will put the max stack to 10.
‘Normal’ will put the max stack to 20. (This is the standard setting for AoC).
‘Hardcore’ will put the max stack to 50 as well as double the plague damage.

– AoC NPC HP Adjustment
This option will allow you to tweak the HP for AoC NPCs.
‘Easy’ will reduce the HP by 50% of the intended values set for AoC NPCs.
‘Normal’ is the intended setting for AoC.
‘Hard’ will increase the HP by 70% of the intended values set for AoC NPCs.

– Plague Meteor Timer
This setting will allow you to tweak the time it takes before the Plague Meteors can fall.
Note that the Plague Meteors are based on chance and each time the countdown is complete, it’ll roll for a chance to see if the meteors will fall.
Lowering this value will make the Plague Meteors more frequent.
‘Very Short’ will allow the check to happen after 30min.
‘Short’ will allow the check to happen after 60min.
‘Normal’ will allow the check to happen after 120min.
‘Long’ will allow the check to happen after 300min.

– Disable Dispatch Boards
This feature will allow you to disable Dispatch Boards on the server.
Do note that this will require a server restart to function correctly.

Soul Essence

With patch 3.52, we introduced the Soul Essence feature.
This is a feature that is currently in development, but one that we had to push out early due to the game update.
Soul Essence controls the amount of magic you can use before exhaustion.
It replaces the previous Stamina bar with the Soul Essence bar, which is centered above your action bar.
Right now, the Soul Essence has a preset amount that can’t be changed.
However, if everything goes according to plan, we’ll be implementing a new server setting for Soul Essence in the next patch.
This will allow Admins to adjust the preset values of Soul Essence.

– Current State of Soul Essence
Right now, the base value of Soul Essence is preset.
When it comes to Magic Weapons, the Soul Essence has been implemented.
The lower the weapon tier, the more Soul Essence it will drain.
When you rank up your weapons, the amount is decreased.
Staves function a bit differently as Right Click and CTRL have unique abilities tied to each type of staff.
This means that the amount of Soul Essence that will be drained is based on the ability used, which will vary from staff to staff.

– Future Plans for Soul Essence
We don’t usually share future plans for content as it may not be included in the final iteration,
and we don’t want to promise anything we can’t deliver on.
With that said, a lot of you want to know if the current state of Soul Essence is the finished result.
The short answer to that is, no. This is just the first iteration of this feature. We will continue to work and expand upon this with the coming updates.
We hoped to have more established by the time the patch went live, but due to the circumstances, that wasn’t a possibility.

We are working hard on getting the next patch out as soon as possible.
Stay tuned for more information!
Best regards,
– AoC Team

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