Patch V.3.53

Patch V.3.53

Greetings everyone!

Today’s patch aims to address more bugs, but also to include some new changes!
Though before we dive into that, we need to discuss Soul Essence.
As of this patch, we have reverted Magic back to using Stamina.
The reason for this is that there has been a lot of technical backend issues with setting up this new feature.
The latest game update required a lot of bug fixing to take place, as well as some stuff that had to be completely recreated.
With Soul Essence, however, we wanted to achieve a much more immersive magic experience.
Unfortunately, the thing about features like this is that we’ll have to actively tie it into a lot of other systems in the game.
This process can take days if not weeks to completely revert, so while it was unfortunate that the Soul Essence feature was released
in the state that it was, reverting the changes at the time would mean the mod would be unplayable for a week or so.
We do understand the frustration regarding this and thank you for your patience.
Do note that we will keep working on improving Soul Essence moving forward and we hope that we’ll be able to implement it fully at some point.

Due to some backend issues with the Unnamed City, we’ve had to do a complete rework of it.
It’ll be a new experience to go back there and explore the additions and changes!












We hope you like the new visuals!
Thank you for your patience and understanding as we continue to work on the mod.

Patch Notes


Changes & Fixes:
– Improved performance and optimization
– Reverted Soul Essence back to Stamina for now
(This is due to internal technical issues)
– Moved Aethos Stormcaller (Stormhold Magic Teacher) to the Stormhold Warfront
– Stormhold Soldiers in the Forsaken Mountain has been set to passive
– Thralls should no longer be granted a reward upon finishing the Forsaken Mountain
– Thralls should now be able to enter the Faction Hall
– Updated Combo Presets for AoC NPCs
– Updated description on spells to indicate what magic type they use
– Staves can now be carried on your back
– Updated Spell BPs to be able to be used on your Action Bar
(Note: Some spells may need to be crafted again for this effect to function correctly)
– Fixed an issue where Rayth wouldn’t get properly adjusted by the admin NPC HP setting
– Fixed an issue where the Quest Log wouldn’t clear the quest properly for half the subfactions
– Fixed various issues with AoC NPC rotation during combat
– Fixed an issue with some AoC thralls not having weapons
– Fixed an issue with Night Ranger Hood for female characters
– Fixed various bugs

– Reworked Unnamed City
– Updated Servant of Rayth materials
– Updated Spells
– Updated Armor for Elven NPCs
– Updated Aethos armor

– Added Essence Blast (starting spell learned with Ancient Arts)
– Updated Staff of Solatium

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