Greetings everyone!

The new content update, the Underworld, is finally here!
With this update comes a lot of changes, new content, reworks, and general improvements to the mod.
See TL;DR for a summary of the highlights in this update.

TL;DR – The Underworld

  • New Dungeon – The Underworld
    Experience a new end-game dungeon. Explore the world for clues on how to find and enter this new dungeon.
  • New Quest System
    There are over 250 Quests added to AoC, ranging from starting quests to end-game content quests.
  • New AoC Server Settings
    Want to tailor your own server to your liking? With the new AoC Server Settings, you can tweak the difficulty of the mod with more options than before.
  • New Playable Zones
    The starting desert has been completely revamped. There is now a dedicated area that is considered the starting zone, while the rest has been reworked into end-game areas.
  • New Character Creation Scene
    The Character Creation zone has been updated, and we’ve also made a new cinematic to go with it.

Patch Notes


Changes & Fixes:
– Updated to the latest version of the game
– Improved performance and optimization
– Improved level streaming
– Added Phantom Scepter as a starting weapon upon selecting the Cold Embrace
– Added Attributes to all Magic Weapons
– Added ability to use Magic on mounts
– Added ability to use Staves on mounts
– Adjusted Cheese recipe
– Adjusted Phoenix Bow attribute to be Accuracy
– Improved audio clearity for Quests
– Improved collision on dungeon platforms
– Improved range on Magic Weapons for NPCs (NPCs should no longer back up into oblivion when using magic)
– Improved light attack with staff
– Increased Magic DMG and Armor Pen for Magic Weapons
– Increased particle speed on Tree of Life
– Increased stack of Elarikan Plague weapon modification
– Increased armor pen for the Vanquished Cleaver T8-T9
– Increased armor value for Knight Armor T8-T9
– Increased damage for Phoenix Bow
– Increased damage for Admiral’s Rapier
– Increased damage for Claws of the Damned
– Renamed Rayth to Essence of Rayth
– Renamed Elite Phoenix Bow to Bow of the Highborn
– Renamed Server Setting AoC NPC HP Adjustment to AoC NPC Difficulty
– Renamed Server Setting Elarikan Plague Damage to Elarikan & Soul Damage
– Renamed Light Magic to Divine Magic
– Rebalanced AoC warhammers
– Rebalanced HP for AoC NPCs
– Rebalanced worker cost on all Resource Mines
– Reduced overall difficulty of AoC camps
– Reduced overall difficulty of AoC NPCs
– Reduced cost of Divine Light
– Reduced cost for Soothe II
– Reworked Staff of Vazayus into Divine Magic
– Reworked Sanguis Star
– Reworked Blade of Zynarus
– Reworked Scholar’s Staff
– Reworked Highborn Crescent Armor to be Lightweight Heavy Armor
– Renamed Sanguis Sorceress to Empyrus Sorceress
– Removed ability to crush full gems into uncut gems
– Moved faction spells into their intended factions
– Updated description on Roleplay Quest Items that were previously labeled Quest Item to RP Quest Item
– Updated Vanghoul skin colors
– Updated Vanghoul height to be accurate to lore
– Updated weapons given upon Faction selection
– Updated stat for Dragon Staff
– Updated AoC bows with Black Ice Arrows
– Updated Sandstone, Stonebrick, Insulated, and Black Ice building pieces to be crafted at the Construction Platform
– Updated description AoC Prison Stations to Thrall Prison
– Updated AoC Prisons to be crafted at the Woodworking Bench
– Updated Faction Hall entrance location (now located in the south part of the desert)
– Updated Journey steps
– Updated Map location names
– Updated Frost Fire particle effects to be less intense
– Updated in-game guides
– Updated Grunt pet and removed additional variants in favor of custom code appearance changes (Grunts will now dynamically change)
– Updated Water Magic to be the only magic usable underwater
– Updated various NPC abilities
– Updated various crafting recipes
– Updated Scargath’s spawn zone
– Updated Essence of Rayth’s spawn zone
– Updated all healing spells
– Updated Rabbit and Kudu corrals
– Updated Orb of Love
– Survival Attribute now has a direct impact on Elarikan Plague and Soul Drain
– Removed Faction Purges
– Factions are now passive until attacked (excluding creatures, bosses and scouts)
– Magic Spells now requires Ascensions depending on the quality of the spell
– Moon Silver can now be exchanged at the Master of Coin
– Admin placed Faction Stands will no longer require quests to be completed
– Fixed an issue with the Exceptional Blunted Kit
– Fixed an issue with AoC HP Admin setting
– Fixed various exploits
– Fixed an issue when disconnecting in the Forsaken Mountain
– Fixed an issue where crafting the Magister’s Storage Chest didn’t give the journey
– Fixed an issue with Moon Silver conversion
– Fixed various descriptions
– Fixed various bugs

Admin Features:
– Added Max Plague Radius (controls the range of the plague for explosives and NPCs)
– Updated Elarikan & Soul Damage with new options
– Updated AoC NPC Difficulty with new options

– Added new Purge sound
– Added 18 new ambient music tracks to the world
– Added additional voice lines for Ferongar Quan’thus
– Added additional voice lines for Alexandra Fall
– Added new voice acting for Rayth the Harbinger of Souls
– Added voice acting for Malisha Sargorian
– Added voice acting for Killian Vargo
– Added voice acting for Fraya Aeran’thil
– Added voice acting for Ferthur Stormcaller
– Added voice acting for Eliza Cole
– Added voice acting for Amira Vamorath
– Added voice acting for Katrina Vamorath
– Added voice acting for Si’vara Vamorath
– Added new original music for the the Harbinger of Souls
– Added new original music for the Credits
– Added new original music for Character Creation
– Added new battle music for various bosses

– Added Orthena’s Star
– Added Azaheryon Top
– Added Azaheryon Pants
– Added Azaheryon Gloves
– Added Azaheryon Boots
– Added Azaheryon Jewelry

– Added new cinematic for AoC that plays on character creation (only Exiled Lands)

– Added Ghoul Head (Female & Male variants)

– Added Black Carpet
– Added Red Carpet
– Added Blue Carpet

– Added The Underworld
– Added Tomb of Ekaratosh

– Added Quest System

– Added Mastery of the Underworld
– Added Soul Magic

– Added Essence of Rayth
– Added Harnessed Soul
– Added Memento
– Added Soul
– Added Essence of Vision
– Added Vanghoul Skull
– Added Talisman of Ekaratosh
– Added Ancient Treasure
– Added Community Chest (Admin Spawn Only)
– Added Blood Power Stone
– Added Dream Power Stone
– Added Ancient Key
– Added Windcaller Trinket
– Added Emerald Heart
– Added Important Document
– Added Stolen Scroll
– Added The Lost Document
– Added Mirth Stone Tablet
– Added Ring of A’deer
– Added Mysterious Artifact
– Added Eye of the Ancient One
– Added Crown of the Lost One
– Added Sensitive Document
– Added Grandmaster’s Quest Potion
– Added Sphere of the Fallen

– Added Enter the Underworld
– Added Monstrous Cryaph
– Added Sisters Vamorath

– Added Rayth the Harbinger of Souls
– Added Warrior of Azaheryon
– Added Warlock of Azaheryon
– Added Cryaph
– Added Lady Amira Vamorath
– Added Lady Katrina Vamorath
– Added Lady Si’vara Vamorath
– Added Lord Karyian
– Added Scourge Wolf
– Added Ferthur Stormcaller
– Added Killian Vargo
– Added Devil Bear
– Added Servant of Gorethorn
– Added Commander Redcliff
– Added Akitos
– Added Kelgorion Soldier
– Added Kelgorion Archer
– Added Kelgorion Captain
– Added Kelgorion Commander
– Added Kelgorion High Commander
– Added Kelgorion Warlord
– Added Kelgorion Entertainer
– Added Kelgorion Haggler
– Added Kelgorion Worker
– Added Kelgorion Taskmaster
– Added Kelgorion Smelter
– Added Kelgorion Chef
– Added Kelgorion Blacksmith
– Added Kelgorion Alchemist
– Added Kelgorion Peasant
– Added Kelgorion Jeweler
– Added Kelgorion Miner
– Added Kelgorion Lumberjack
– Added Kelgorion Farmer
– Added Kelgorion Fisherman
– Added Kelgorion Brewer
– Added Kelgorion Skinner
– Added Vulner Atories
– Added King’s Guard
– Added Astra
– Added Fraya Aeran’thil
– Added Galveron
– Added Relvan
– Added Vorleena
– Added Lieutenant Calven
– Added Lord Karyian
– Added Mage Brulix
– Added Mage Darven
– Added Mage Katy
– Added Mage Frederic
– Added Melandra Akari
– Added Calavia Iocundus
– Added Maven Stormcaller
– Added Ranger Commander Lillayah
– Added Ranger Commander Kira
– Added Ranger Commander Ulran
– Added Rogue Mage
– Added West Courier
– Added East Courier
– Added Sir Vicaran
– Added Druid Kal’therion
– Added Druid Rafarous
– Added Druid Sorias Windseeker
– Added Champion of the True God

– Added Zynarus

– Added Stormhold Questline (30 Quests)
– Added Elven Covenant Questline (30 Quests)
– Added Felgarth Questline (30 Quests)
– Added Elvanor Questline (30 Quests)
– Added Cold Embrace Questline (30 Quests)
– Added Vanghoul Questline (30 Quests)
– Added Daily Quests (14 Quests)
– Added Starting Quests (7 Quests)
– Added Cook Book Quests (9 Quests)
– Added Sub Faction Quests (9 Quests)
– Added Magic Quests (22 Quests)
– Added Dungeon Quests (2 Quests)
– Added Time Attack Quests (14 Quests)
– Added Relic Quests (6 Quests)

– Added Website button to What’s New
– Updated Patch Notes button
– Updated What’s New
– Added Controller Support for AoC Features Menu

– Added light sources to staves with glowing crystals
– Updated Main Menu
– Updated lighting in the Underwater Cavern
– Updated carpet in Stormhold Hall
– Updated carpet in Sanguis area
– Updated Cold Embrace Hall
– Updated Elven Covenant Hall
– Updated Vanghoul Hall
– Updated Faction Hall
– Updated Bow of the Highborn model

– Added Blade of Azaheryon
– Added Staff of Azaheryon
– Added Soul Magic
– Added Healing Touch
– Added Divine Mist
– Added Holy Shock
– Added Black Hole
– Added Call of the Ocean
– Added Volcanic Flames
– Added Poison Spores
– Added Essence Staff

– Replaced southern desert with new zones
– Added the Dark Forest
– Added the Devil Mountain
– Added the Lake Felkar
– Added Ruins of Mo’ran
– Added Ruins of Al’huran
– Added Outskirts of Al’huran
– Updated starting zones to be the Faction Hall, the Dark Forest, or the Desert
– Updated Underwater Cavern
– Updated Forsaken Mountain
– Updated Unnamed City
– Moved the Faction Hall to H-2

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