The 5th Anniversary of The Age of Calamitous Mod!

Greetings everyone!

Before we get into the update, we’d like to take a moment to celebrate the 5-year anniversary of The Age of Calamitous mod for Conan Exiles!
I started this journey in February of 2017, shortly after Conan Exiles was released in Early Access. On the 25th of February, the mod was publicly released.
My goal at the time was to use modding as a way to learn more about Game Development for Unreal Engine, to be able to one day create my own game on that platform.
In the following years, I was extremely fortunate to find people who wished to participate on the mod, as well as help out with the community. I can’t thank my team enough for their dedication and hard work!
Over the course of these 5 years, the AoC community has grown far beyond what I could imagine! With more than 20k people on Discord alone and over 300k on Steam, I’m blown away by the interest this project has garnered over the years!
I want to give a huge thanks to all of you who have supported us on this journey, it has meant the world! Thank you!

The Future Ahead

As some of you already know, we’re hard at work on our own game these days.
We won’t go into any specific details on this game right now, but for the sake of transparency, our first game won’t be an AoC game.
We’re working on a separate IP and we’re thrilled to be able to show you once the time is right!
Additionally, I want to clarify that an AoC game is our goal for the future.
It’s the dream game we all want to make, but we need more experience and a solid budget to create the game we want to share with you all.
And finally, I do want to add that we will continue to support the AoC mod for as long as we possibly can!

Without further ado, over to the update!

Our next major content update for the AoC mod is here!
This update brings a lot of changes, new content, reworks, and general improvements to the mod.

Watch the Trailer for The Age of Calamitous Mod here:

See TL;DR for a summary of the highlights in this update.

TL;DR – The Tide of Battle

  • New Dungeon – Goreclaw Deep
    Experience the Ancient Elven cavern of Goreclaw Deep!
    This dungeon can be accessed near the Devil Mountain.
  • New Battleground System
    The new Battleground System comes with a new type of PvP system for the game!
    Server Admins will now be able to host Battleground Matches on both PvP and PvE servers, where they can tweak various features such as:
    – Choose to spawn hostile NPCs during a PvP match
    – Set the difficulty of NPCs for the match
    – Match Timer that can be tweaked to your liking
    – Max amount of players
    – The Uneven Teams option will allow teams to be asymmetrical
    – Item Match Rewards will allow you to set up to 4 different items as rewards for the match using their item IDs
    – XP Reward will allow you to grant the winning team XP
    – Match Selection will allow you to choose one of the available maps for the match
    Additionally, coming with the Battleground System is a Faction Wars System and a Scoreboard.
    The Faction Wars system allows you to fight for your chosen faction.
    Whenever you defeat another player in a match, your faction obtains a point. The leading faction will be displayed in the Faction Hall.
    For already active servers, you will be prompted to choose a faction to fight for once you try to enter the battleground.
    Please do note that this is the first iteration of the Battleground System.
  • New Quests and Options
    With more than 300+ quests in AoC, we’ve enhanced the features and UX surrounding the quests to make them more streamlined.
    Additionally, we’ve also added a way for you to skip Tutorial Quests, which will allow you to start on the Faction quests immediately.
    We also do know that some people don’t want to have quests on their servers, so with that in mind, we’ve implemented a way to skip all quests.
    This is an Admin spawned item and will need to be set up for each server individually.
  • New Playable Zones
    We’ve added a new starting zone to the game, up to 4 new battleground maps, as well as many other reworks and visual improvements!
  • New Character Creation Scene
    The Character Creation zone has been updated, and we’ve also made a new cinematic.

Patch Notes


Changes & Fixes:
– Optimization and Performance improvements
– Improved mod compatibility
– Improved lighting in various areas
– Improved audio transitions
– Improved biome blend for the south in regards to fog and rain
– Added Checkpoint feature to the Underwater Cavern (10 points that can be activated using Mystical Dust)
– Added Portal on the outside and inside of Gorethorn’s Camp for Cold Embrace only (Intended for Cold Embrace Questline)
– Added Battleground to Tutorials in the AoC In-game Help Menu
– Added New Spawn Location for Character Creation & Respawn Menu
– Updated AI for various NPCs
– Updated description for merchants in the faction hall from crafting to buy
– Updated Shenarah’s location to Goreclaw Deep
– Updated Ashira’s location to Goreclaw Deep
– Updated credits
– Updated stats on various quest NPCs
– Updated Tome of Nature Ascension Vol. 2 & 3 location
– Updated In-game Help
– Updated In-game Cinematic Intro
– Removed Shenarah’s camp
– Quest NPCs are no longer tameable
– Arcane Ward now lasts for 120sec
– Specific spells will not register kills for PvP and Quests (These are listed with ‘No PvP/Quest Effect’ and thus will not count towards player score)
– Renamed Ashira’s Rise to Night Moon’s Rise
– Fixed various issues regarding NPCs falling through the ground
– Fixed various bugs in regards to the Menu
– Fixed various issues with AoC NPC AI
– Fixed DoT not counting in kill quests
– Fixed an issue where players would get stuck on the quest widget when deleting a quest
– Fixed an issue with the Grand Portrait of King Marcus not granting the buff
– Fixed an issue where the in-game menu wouldn’t close after using the teleport functions
– Fixed various descriptions on items
– Fixed various issues with the Arcane Ward
– Fixed an issue with the Orb of Plague effect duration
– Fixed an issue with decorative bushes
– Fixed various bugs

Admin Features:
– Added Admin Hub to Faction Teleport within the Admin Panel
– Added Battleground Teleports

– Added Profession Music
– Added Quest Location Discovered sound effect

– Added Goreclaw Deep

– Added Battleground System (Supports both PvP and PvE servers, but can only be used in multiplayer)
– Added Faction War Scoreboard
– Added Battleground Scoreboard
– Added Option to Auto Track Quests

– Added Skip All Quests (This will auto-complete all quests in AoC. Only use this if you wish to disable the Quest System. Admin Spawn Only)
– Added Skip Tutorial Quests (This will skip all tutorial quests)
– Added Divine Magic Rune
– Added Summoning Stone

Magic Changes:
– All Magic weapons now allow for dodge out of ultimate before the attack is initiated
– Fire Magic, Earth Magic, and Blood Magic ultimates can now be used while moving
– Staff of Solatium, Scholar’s Staff, Essence Staff, Phantom Scepter, Druid Staff, Lorekeeper Staff, Dragon Staff and Staff of Azaheryon ultimates can now be used while moving

– Added Goreclaw Tiger
– Added additional Vanghoul Grunt types

– Reworked the Faction Hall
– Reworked the Cold Embrace hub
– Reworked Elvanor & Felgarth hub
– Reworked Stormhold hub
– Reworked Character Creation scene
– Updated AoC In-game Menu
– Updated lighting in the Jungle/Swamp
– Updated Resource Mines
– Updated Decorative Rocks

– Added Time Attack – Goreclaw Deep
– Added Time Attack – The Silver Mine
– Added Tomb of Ekaratosh
– Added The Dregs
– Added The Silver Mine
– Added The Palace of the Witch Queen
– Added The Black Keep
– Added The Spider Passage
– Added Well of Skelos
– Added The Sunken city
– Added The Warmaker’s Sanctuary
– Added The Winecellar
– Added Midnight Grove
– Added The Frost Temple
– Added The Underwater Cavern
– Added Goreclaw Deep
– Added The Underworld
– Added The Forsaken Mountain
– Added Tutorial – Factions
– Added Tutorial – Professions
– Added Tutorial – Battleground
– Added Tutorial – Customization
– Added Tutorial – Magic
– Added Tutorial – Your Journey
– Updated various quests
– Updated various quest descriptions
– Added Main Quest Numbers
– Updated Quest Notification Text

– Added Caermire Forest (Battleground)
– Added Badlands (Battleground)
– Added Land of the Harbinger (Battleground)
– Added Kingdom of Stormhold (Battleground)
– Reworked Al’huran
– Reworked Outskirts of Al’huran

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