Patch V.3.73


Changes & Fixes:
– Performance and Optimization improvements
– Updated to the latest version of the game
– Updated Quest Info for 9. Tutorial – Magic
– Updated Quest Markers
– Improved mod compatibility in terms of spawning on the beach (Exiled Lands only)
– Rebalanced Magic types level 5
– Increased DMG for Overcharge
– Increased DMG for Volcanic Flames
– Reduced DMG for Scourge Hounds
– Moved the portal inside the Stormhold hub that goes to the Dark Forest
– Reworked Attribute distribution
– Reworked Attributes for AoC Armor and Weapons
– All Magic Orbs are now only for decoration
– Updated Thrall Groups
– Rebalanced HP for Thralls
– Rebalanced HP for Pets
– Rebalanced DMG for Pets
– Updated all AoC Armors, Tools and Weapons
– Fixed spawning location when creating a new character
– Fixed various landscape issues
– Fixed various descriptions
– Reworked AoC Thrall Code
– Adjusted lighting in the Dark Forest
– Updated AoC artwork
– Fixed an issue with the tutorial dungeon quest
– Moved AoC Features to the forefront of the in-game menu
– Updated materials for Tools
– Updated materials for Pets
– Updated materials for NPCs
– Updated materials for Armors
– Updated materials for Foliage
– Updated materials for Weapons
– Updated materials for Decorations
– Updated materials for Customization Options
– Updated materials for Thralls
– Updated Sword of Essari
– Updated attributes for AoC Pets and Thralls
– Fixed an issue with building in Lake Felkar
– Fixed an issue with Time Quests

– Updated Main Menu Music

– Added Delete Scoreboard Entry (Admin only)
– Added Clear Scoreboard (Admin only)
– Added Clear Faction Wars (Admin only)
– Added an option to specify quantity for a reward item in the battleground (Admin only)

– Updated Main Menu
– Updated Paintings
– Updated models for various weapons
– Updated various icons

– Added Blade of the Harbinger

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