Patch V.3.81


Changes & Fixes:
– Updated to the latest game version
– Adjusted aggro range for various AoC NPCs
– Rescaled the Faction Hall
– Rescaled the Elvanor/Felgarth Hub
– Rescaled Stormhold Hub
– Rescaled Stormhold Battleground
– Rescaled Cold Embrace Hub
– Reworked Faction Statues (Joining a Faction)
– Reworked Bobby & Lanis
– Renamed Worm Scales to Skeley Coin
– Renamed Coin Pouch to Bundle of Coins
– Renamed Flask of Blood to Sanguine Tears
– Renamed Astral Waterskin to Astral Water
– Renamed Battle Point to Arena Token
– Updated portals for Felgarth Hub
– Updated Golden Lion (Weapon)
– Updated Plague Panties
– Updated Bobby’s Daily Quests
– Updated Market Trading (Personal)
– Updated Jump Puzzle in the Spider Cave
– Updated various Quest information
– Fixed a material issue with various AoC Decorations & NPCs
– Fixed an issue with Blood Magic / Soul Magic
– Fixed an issue where the Claws of the Damned couldn’t be repaired with Repair Kits
– Fixed various out of date descriptions
– Fixed various hints
– Fixed out of date quest descriptions
– Fixed an issue with Plague Meteors
– Fixed various bugs

– Added Platinum Coins (These coins are server unique coins and are set up by admins. Each server can decide how they want to use Platinum Coins, may it be custom conversions between other types of currency, or a special type of currency used for events and such. This is entirely up to admins and their imagination)

– Updated Tin Coin Icon
– Updated Copper Coin Icon
– Updated Silver Coin Icon
– Updated Gold Coin Icon
– Updated Honor Token Icon
– Updated Loyalty Token Icon
– Updated Guild Token Icon
– Updated Arena Token Icon
– Updated Bundle of Coins Icon
– Updated Skeley Coin Icon
– Updated Sir Lanis Brunhild (Merchant)
– Updated overlay stack icons
– Updated Crescent Water Icon
– Updated Tonic of Enhanced Preservation Icon
– Updated Liquid Elarikan Icon
– Updated Mystical Potion Icon
– Updated Demon Blood Potion Icon
– Updated Mystical Healing Potion Icon
– Updated Stormcaller’s Breathing Potion Icon
– Updated Astral Water Icon
– Updated Sanguine Tears Icon
– Updated Blessing of Keldora Icon
– Updated Death Whisper Potion Icon
– Updated Elarikan Plague Icon
– Updated Essence of Binding Icon
– Updated Quartz Icon
– Updated Onyx Composite Icon
– Updated Runic Enchantment Icon
– Updated Uncut Amethyst Icon
– Updated Uncut Emerald Icon
– Updated Uncut Ruby Icon
– Updated Uncut Topaz Icon
– Updated Uncut Sapphire Icon
– Updated Uncut Diamond Icon
– Updated Golden Lion with Sheath
– Updated Silver Lion with Sheath
– Updated Sanguis Daggers with Sheath
– Adjusted lighting in the Underwater Cavern

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