Patch V.3.87


Changes & Fixes:
– Updated to the latest game version
– Performance and optimization improvements
– Updated Dark Angel to be an Heirloom weapon (LvL 120)
– Updated Panties to increase swimming speed
– Updated Armors and Weapons for AoC NPCs
– Updated Construction Platform to create Faction unique Crafting Stations (as well as the Construction Hammer)
– Adjusted new vanilla content to work with AoC
– Improved Accuracy with Magic Weapons
– Reworked Magic System
– Renamed recipe Knight’s Weaponry to Sword & Shield
– Renamed Grandmaster’s Memory Potion to Reset Potion
– Renamed various armor pieces based on visual updates
– Fixed an issue with Volcanic Heat and Tempest Gust applying the wrong temperature bonuses
– Fixed a material issue with the Soul Prison
– Fixed various issues with icons
– Fixed an issue with the material on Mask of the Elements
– Fixed various bugs

AoC Menu:
– Added Magic Balance to Server Settings (Can be turned on and off)

– Reworked Magic Idle Animation
– Reworked Fire Magic Casting Animations
– Reworked Earth Magic Casting Animations
– Reworked Air Magic Casting Animations
– Reworked Water Magic Casting Animations
– Reworked Divine Magic Casting Animations
– Reworked Arcane Magic Casting Animations
– Reworked Blood Magic Casting Animations
– Reworked Soul Magic Casting Animations
– Added Magic Equip Animation for all Magic Types
– Added Magic Unequip Animation for all Magic Types
– Added custom idle pose for the Blade of the Harbinger

– Added Uncharted Lands
– Added The Faction Hall

– Reworked Heavy Attacks for Magic Weapons
– Reworked Magic Armors
– Added Magic Balance System
– Added Special Ability to Water Magic
– Added Special Ability to Air Magic
– Added Special Ability to Arcane Magic

– Updated Blade of the Harbinger
– Updated Armor for North Watch Sub-Faction
– Updated Armor for Order of Arcanum Sub-Faction
– Updated Eye Glow for Magic Weapons
– Updated Loading Screens

– Added Shackles of Fate

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