Greetings everyone!

The new update is here and it comes with some massive overhauls to various parts of the mod!
Let’s start off with the first major change: The Crown Currency.

The Crown currency is replacing Tin, Copper, Silver, and Gold coins. Instead of the old system where you had to exchange between coin types, the new approach will be more streamlined. The token currencies will remain the same: Loyalty Tokens, Honor Tokens, Arena Tokens, Guild Tokens, and Skeley Coins. The old system will be phased out moving forward. The Currency Exchange will no longer support exchanging up to Copper, Silver, and Gold, but you can exchange down into the Crown coin. The Crown Coin is the equivalent of the Tin Coin, which means all your Tin Coins will automatically change into Crowns.

New Merchant System

Alongside this change, we’ve created a completely new Merchant System for the mod! The old vendors will be phased out moving forward and will be completely replaced by the new Merchants. The old merchants will still use the old currency, but all the items will also be available through the new merchants. The new merchants will be in the Faction Hall as well as out in the world. (They’re not currently spawnable by admins so they’re not supported on other maps besides the Exiled Lands just yet).
These merchants will have options to buy and sell items, making them more performance-friendly compared to the old method, which required custom recipes for selling items.
Do note that due to time restraints, there may be some inconsistencies here and there. We’ll try to iron out any bugs/issues that may arise in the coming weeks.

New Coin Pouch System

On top of that, we’re introducing the Coin Pouch system! A way for you to store all AoC currency through the new Character tab inside the AoC Features Menu. When you’re buying items from merchants, the coins will be pulled directly from your coin pouch. And vice versa, when you sell items, the coins will be stored in your coin pouch. You will have the option to deposit and withdraw coins whenever you wish. Do note that in its current state, it will be required to have coins inside your coin pouch when buying items from merchants. Having coins in the inventory won’t count. We’ve made a server setting to disable the Coin Pouch, but do note that it will prevent the use of AoC merchants. This might be preferable if you’re using your own custom merchants through other mods. We aim to expand upon the Coin Pouch system with more options and settings moving forward.

There are many more changes coming in this update, see the full patch notes list below for more details!




Changes & Fixes:
– Improved Mod Compatibility
– Optimization and Performance improvements
– Overhauled lighting and post-processing
– Overhauled the Currency System
(Copper coins, Silver coins, Gold coins, and Moonsilver will be phased out moving forward. Use the Master of Coin to exchange into the new Currency: Crowns)
– Overhauled the Quest System
– Reworked Tutorial Quests
– Reworked Magic Shrines
– Reworked Profession Payments
– Reworked all Magic Orbs
– Reworked Faction feats
– Renamed Magic Ascensions
– Renamed Holy Power Gems to Divine Power Gems
– Updated armor for Stormhold Thralls
– Updated armor for Cold Embrace Thralls
– Updated Loot Pool for Elvanor NPCs
– Updated AI on various AoC NPCs
– Updated collision on various AoC Interactables
– Updated Main Menu with a new option to customize the menu
– Updated various Magic Feats to be listed in the Sorcery tab
– Updated stats for Azaheryon Armor
– Updated starting armor at Vanquished Coast
– Fixed several issues with weapon reach for various AoC weapons
– Fixed an issue with Soul Magic Heavy Attack
– Fixed various bugs

Character Creation:
– Reworked Akachena Heads
– Reworked Stryth Heads
– Reworked Ghoul Heads
– Reworked Vanghoul Heads
– Added support for eye color customization on all custom heads
(If you’re experiencing not having a visible head, you can update your head type at the Character Recustomization station in the Faction Hall or any station that allows recustomization.)

– Added Coin Pouch (Accessed from AoC Features Menu – Character tab)
– Added New Merchant System

– Added Gem Node

– Added Great Tome of the Ancient Arts
– Added Key to the Pit (Dungeon item)
– Added Essence Power Gem
– Added Tome of Essence Attunement
– Added Tome of Essence Ascension Vol. 1
– Added Tome of Essence Ascension Vol. 2
– Added Tome of Essence Ascension Vol. 3
– Added Tome of Essence Ascension Vol. 4

– Added Dark Mage
– Added Cultist Mage
– Added Dark Sorceress
– Added Sucineph
– Added Arena Master Thalos
– Added Craftsmaster Thorian
– Added Magister Quinlan Darkhorn
– Added Spellweaver Myrial
– Added Liora Silkweaver
– Updated various NPC attacks
– Updated visuals of various NPCs

– Updated Quest Log
– Updated Quest Giver
– Updated Main Menu
– Updated Game Tutorials
– Updated Faction Statue Interactions

– Updated Vanquished Beach (Starting Zone)
– Updated Character Creation
– Updated lighting for Faction Hall
– Updated lighting for Forsaken Mountain
– Updated lighting for Dark Forest
– Updated lighting for Underwater Cavern
– Updated lighting for Vanquished Beach
– Updated lighting for Devil Mountain
– Updated Forsaken Mountain – Pit of Keldora
– Updated Akachena Elf Head for Male and Female
– Updated Stryth Elf Head for Male and Female
– Updated Ghoul Head for Male and Female
– Updated Vanghoul Head for Male and Female
– Updated Faction feat icons
– Updated Sub-Faction feat icons
– Updated Faction Construction feat icons
– Updated Faction Gear feat icons
– Updated Attunement Tomes icons
– Updated Ascension Tomes icons
– Updated Magic Book icons
– Updated brightness of various magic spells

– Updated Magic Quests
– Reworked Tutorial Quests



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We hope you will consider supporting the development of the AoC mod moving forward!
We thank you from the bottom of our hearts, and we hope that you will enjoy the future of AoC!
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